After Blue Shield sued me, I was afraid to talk. But not now.


Three years ago, I resigned as public policy director for Blue Shield of California and began blowing the whistle about a company scheme that could cheat the public of billions of dollars. Before I got far, Blue Shield sued me. The next day I declared on this blog that I wouldn’t be intimidated, that the lawsuit would only cause me to “intensify my work exposing Blue Shield.”

But once the legal wheels began grinding, I got scared.

Blue Shield's powerhouse law firm, Manatt Phelps, stopped at nothing. The whole experience of the litigation—the ruthlessness of the lawyers, Blue Shield's repeated threats to expand the suit, the judge’s deference to the company, and my mounting legal expenses—shook me. And it frightened me from revealing more of what I knew about Blue Shield’s wrongdoing.

But I’m not as afraid now. Although the legal assault continues, I now know a lot more about my rights as a whistleblower. And I’ve been awed by the courageous truth telling of so many others these past couple of years—the Black Lives Matter activists, the Me Too women, the Majory Stoneman Douglas students, and the anonymous civil servants leaking out the truth about the Trump administration. I’m now more determined than ever to do everything I can to expose and confront the abuses of power I know about.

So my whistleblowing about Blue Shield is back on. Stay tuned for some news next week, with more revelations to come in the weeks and months ahead. For the latest updates, follow me on twitter